When does it usually start to snow?
It is hard to predict when the first snow fall is every year. On average the first snows tend to fall around the end
of December. We can not gaurantee this to be true every year or that it will be a substantial snow fall.
When do the slopes open?
The slopes open at different times each year and the opening day depends on that current year’s snow fall and
base amount. In the past the slopes have opened as early as Christmas and as late as mid January.
I am a first-timer skier, where is a good place to start?
Up Kannabe has one of the easiest runs and ski instructors have given it their approval as one of the best
courses to teach first-timers on. The run you will want to start with is Uenodaira Course.
We would like to get a hotel, where can we make reservations
Reservations can be made through this website https://visitkinosaki.com/lodging/inn/ . To find places in Kannabe please select the “Mountain Region” filter. It is also possible to make reservation through the official homepages of the respective lodgings, please be aware that some may only be in Japanese.
Is there a shuttle or transport service to the lodgings?
There are some lodgings that do provide complimentary transportation to their locations with reservations. Please inquire with the lodging you are making reservations with for further information.
When do the cherry blossoms bloom?
Cherry blossom seasons vary year to year depending on that year’s climate and weather conditions, but the average season is from early April until late April.
Do you have a recommended restaurant or hotel?
All of the restaurants and hotels are friendly and are recommended.
Are there any restaurants or hotels that accommodate vegetarians?
There are several restaurants and hotels in the area that can accommodate vegetarians to some point if you can let them know and talk with them in advance. Please contact the restaurant or hotel that you are interested in for more information.
Is there a place to rent a car near by?
There is a rent a car service available at JR Kinosaki Onsen Station (about 55 minutes by car from Kannabe) through Wataki Motors that can be used. *It is also possible to acquire a car at JR Ebara Station and JR Toyooka Station. For details please see the link below.
Car Rental Details: Car Type Kei
Car Rental Details: Car Type Compact
Can I use a credit card at the hotels, restaurants, or ski resorts?
Kannabe essentailly accepts only cash at all of its businesses.